Upcoming Immersions

Movement Foundations

This four week series introduces the elements of movement necessary for proper alignment and activation. This is series is designed to give you the foundations of yoga and any other high quality movement practice. You will learn how to self modify poses based on an experiential understanding of the goals of posture practice and joint mobility and stability.

These experiential class sessions are designed to teach keys to embodiment and healing as well as how to become a quality mover who is ready for any fitness class or to moving well in daily life for pain-free living and longevity.

If you are interested in starting yoga or just want to feel safe and confident moving your body. This is for you!

Monday nights in October from 6-7pm
Preregister only 10 spots available.
Cost: $100


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Jayme is a Yoga Therapist and Strength Coach. She teaches mindful stress management in the workplace through education on quality movement and mindfulness practices. .You will learn the how, what, and when behind creating a movement lifestyle.

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Springfield, MO 65802