Personalized Yoga Therapy

In therapeutic yoga, practices are adapted to meet the needs of the individual, honoring and supporting where they are in life. In your initial consultation Jayme will inquire about your needs, goals, schedule and budget to determine the best course of action for you to begin applying yoga therapeutically. 

For most new students, Jayme recommends an Initial assessment that consists of a detailed dynamic movement screen, Ayurvedic assessment, and a consultation about your medical history and personal goals. From this information your therapist will design an individualized practice prescription. Yoga practices prescribed typically include movements and positions to alleviate pain, by increasing range of motion and facilitating realignment of the body, breathing techniques, relaxation training, meditation techniques, and lifestyle changes. Handouts and audio recordings are provided for home practice.


Client education and participation in designing a program that is in alignment with their goals and expectations, are important components of the overall approach. As clients work with their individualized programs, reassessments are made, and the program is adjusted to address changes and encourage further progress and optimal healing.

Is yoga therapy right for you? 

Yoga therapy is for any individual looking to take responsibility for their health and healing. It is not a quick fix or a passive process, client and therapist work together to root out and move through the underlying cause of disease states and pain.


A good way to get started would be to schedule a free consult or try out a class with Jayme Sweere, get more information, and ask questions. 

Learn more about yoga therapy on the International Association of Yoga Therapist's informational site to see research on yoga therapy's effectiveness on everything from anxiety and depression, to chronic pain, or auto immune disease.

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