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Jayme Sweere

Owner, Coach, and Yoga Therapist

eRYT-200, RYT500, C-IAYT, MBA, CPT

Jayme began studying yoga & meditation as an athlete & coach, the ancient wisdom and techniques enriched & enlivened her life so much she moved to the Himalayan Institute to study & practice full-time. There she was a founding producer at YogaInternational.com which immersed her in creative collaboration & practice with many of the most inspiring teachers of our time. She has been a local business owner since founding stressedouthumans.com in 2017, which integrates movement & mindfulness in the workplace.


Jayme recently apprenticed at the Circle Yoga Shala a school for yoga, self-inquiry & creative movement outside Jasper, AR,  in addition to completing a second RYT-300 and moving her tiny house on wheels there. Which she built out of all reclaimed material here in Springfield MO and named Turtle Medicine.

   Tiffany Sieger

Hi, I'm Tiffany! 

Yoga is my passion. I feel like my journey has been a bit of a crazy one to find my way here but once I started, I just knew this is what the universe had planned for me.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. My dad is a teacher and I always looked up to what he did growing up. He makes such a huge positive impact on his students and I wanted to help others as well. 

This is what I was meant to do and I could feel the universe pulling me in this direction. It may have taken a few years to figure myself out, working a few years in the wellness industry first, and then having my daughter Rowan but this past June I finally got 200 RYT certified through Yoga Alliance and am following my passion!!

I love helping others find that same mind, body, and soul connection through yoga and meditation that I have found. I also am a huge wellness advocate for mindset work, a plant-based whole foods diet, spending time in nature, supplementation, and living simply.

I am honored to help guide you through your own personal yoga practice.  

MVMTcollectivesgf@gmail.com617 S. Pickwick. Ave

Springfield, MO 65802